His first project since relocating to Bristol, Keeno delivers an awe-inspiring EP for Med School Music centered on the conceptual fusion of classical orchestration with drum & bass DNA. Aptly titled, Music for Orchestra: Drums & Bass, Keeno’s follow-up to his sophomore LP Futurist opens a new chapter in the continued evolution of one of the scene’s most exciting producers.

As Keeno tells it: “[This EP] is a collection of tunes inspired by my recent move to Bristol. I finally have a dedicated space to be creative and it’s really transformed my music. I feel really proud of this bunch of tunes—they reflect my full range of classical styles and go off on the dancefloor.”

From the subterranean rumblings of “Shelter From the Storm” that features Rou Reynolds on vocals to the high-drama of bits like “Fading Fast” and “Enigma” that bring on a heat wave of dancefloor fire, Keeno is obviously at the top of his game. If you’re looking “Insomnia of an Anxious Mind” reveal the ways in which the artist continues to transform his sound. Unfolding like the troubled soundscape of a late-night insomniac, the meditation on the shifting moods of stargazers and moon-worshippers alike will find common ground in this soul-shifting cut.

To get a taste of Keeno’s finest, be sure to purchase/stream your own copy here.