Kelayx and Alyness surface on the Rotterdam-based Soul Trader imprint with a sweeping dive deep into the heart of the more celestial side of the dancefloor.

Having previously featured the likes of BCee, Phil Tangent, Total Science, Command Strange, and Random Movement, the imprint continues to showcase old- and new-school artists of the highest caliber. With the Moscow-based Kelayx takes the reins on “Breaking the Dark”, the flipside collab with his fellow Russian, Alyness, is sure to bring on the shivers in the most impressive way.

Centered on haunting vocals and a celestial atmosphere, exquisite hypnotism reigns supreme on “Without You” as the pair conjure up dark and brooding vibes just in time for those long winter nights ahead. With a slow burn that at once captivates and inspires, we invite you take a deep breath and settle in for our latest premiere from some fresh faces in the drum and bass world.

This one’s out now via Soul Trader Records so lock yours in here.