Ed Rush and Audio unite once again under their Killbox moniker and bring the pain as only they can do. No mere flash in the pan collab, the Killbox name has become synonymous with absolute dancefloor destruction and straight up tech-driven funky filth.  Delivering exactly what you’d expect from two absolute legends in the game, the synergy between the two has led to countless singles and a proper full-length album project in the works for Ram Records.

The latest salvo in the lead up to their Devine Profits LP is the razor-tipped ‘Cypher Pattern’. Tinged with just the right amount of old-school sci-fi vibes, the shivering aggression at the core of this one has us chomping at the bit and longing for the days when we could test this one out on a proper rig with heads bouncing off the walls.

As Killbox tell us: “Cypher Pattern is one of the hardest hitting tunes from the project and its seen various incarnations until we settled for this apocalyptic rave vibe. It’s never failed to destroy everywhere we’ve played it.”

Don’t just take their word for it. Check the chest-thumping beats below and conjure up your own apocalyptic rave session by locking in your own copy here.