Sinister vibes pave the way for the untouchable fury that Ed Rush and Audio unleash under their Killbox moniker. A match made in heaven (or hell, if you prefer), the tech-driven sickness that each producer is capable of bringing on their own collides on the aptly titled “Mutiny.”

From the freeform funk at the core to the shivering darkness lurking at the edge of things, the tune slithers and crawls with an inimitable force that evolves from top to bottom. Whether it’s the hi-hat’s hitting the switches or the haunting melody that eases us into the bridge, expect goosebumps from start to finish and a world conjured up out of the darkness that only Killbox are capable of taming.

Big one that drops this Friday, August 28, on the ever-essential Ram Records. The project is being teased as a single that brings us one “step closer to their second album” so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!