The long-awaited sophomore album from Killbox is almost upon us and Bassrush is stoked to be able to offer up a first glimpse at one of favorite cuts from the project. For those who don’t know, Killbox is the collaborative project between the legendary Ed Rush and Audio, each capable of crushing the dark and deadly drum and bass vibes on their own, but determined to elevate things to the next level when they lock horns in the studio.

Enter the razor-sharp vibes of “Rodan” that we’re premiering today. With the full ‘Devine Profits’ album flexing the tech-driven vibes across the spectrum of the genre, “Rodan” takes a deep dive into the haunted soundscape from which both artists seem to have been born.

With a dangerous edge from the get-go, the shadows come alive with a creeping and crawling intensity that hints at the size of the beast lurking in the shadows. As the energy builds through the intro and the wheels start to come off the rails, once Killbox plunges us into the depths, a funky groove roars to life and keeps things popping throughout. Centered on a dirty call and response between the layers, the subtle technical flex of Killbox keeps this one at a proper simmer with just enough blood to keep the heart pumping. As we approach the second drop, a proper mentasm is tossed into the mix and bridges the gap between the old and the new, a nod to the techno-laced DNA upon which this one is built.

It’s an absolute stunner and just a hint at the full range of power Killbox explore in their ‘Devine Profits’ LP due to drop April 30 on the ever-essential Ram Records. But no worries, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to make “Rodan” your own – this single drops today lock yours in here.