There’s always something about Kolt’s work that seems a bit existential, even though most of his tracks are heavily in the wheelhouse of dancefloor bangers. Whether it’s the way the tracks are put together, the grand, cinematic sound design or simply the sampling, there’s no dearth of things to ponder while listening to a Kolt track. How many D&B heads can really ponder a track while skanking to the steppy beats Kolt produces, however, is another matter entirely.

With its title, Call of the Void announces that Kolt’s newest Eatbrain EP is going to be a bit of a thinker. A usual, however, that doesn’t stop it from also being a dancefloor stinker. From the title track to “Timeless,” a collab track with Dub Elements to the surprisingly melodic “Patchwork,” there’s a sense along with the twisted synths and rolling basslines Kolt knows what each of these tracks is about.

The halftime track and sort of wildcard on this EP is “Space Ghetto,” a cinematic piece that uses a sample from the show True Detective throughout to really drive home the contemplative nature of this release. The track itself is again very steppy and danceable but the melody is ambient and thoughtfully done to pair with the sample: “it’s all one ghetto man; a giant gutter in outer space.” If that’s not dancing up to the void on halftime beats, we don’t know what is.

The subject matter of most of the tracks on Call of the Void indeed may incite some fans to at least contemplate said void but they’re also fun and steppy enough to just ignore it and keep on dancing. It’s there either way, and Kolt has thankfully decided to write a killer EP about it.

Call of the Void is out today, February 18 on Eatbrain. Check out Beatport and for stream and purchase links.