Photo by Tessa Paisan

Weighing in with seven heavyweight tracks, Kompany’s Untouchable EP is his biggest release date. Featuring collabs and contributions from fellow bassheads like KC, Staysick, Jiqui, and Vastive, the epic release also serves to capture the vibe of Kompany’s North American Untouchable tour.

While three of the cuts (“Just Like You,” “Cut Throat” and “Untouchable”) have been released as singles, the full EP features chest-thumpers ranging from the rib-rattling “Firewall VIP” to the swift kick to the dome that “Thermos” and “Composer” deliver. Fans expecting more melodic heartbreaker vibes like “Just Like You” are going to have to wait a little longer as the death-defying drop of “Breach” and and the deranged industrial madness at the core of the title cut set the tone for the entire EP and never let up.

Still, it’s the perfect flex for Kompany as he continues to dial in a sound and energy that is all his own. Seemingly hell-bent on destruction, Kompany’s ability to pull up and elevate the proceedings into the outer reaches of the atmosphere makes for a delicious rollercoaster ride from rugged to smooth.

While he’s only a month in on his 35+ date tour, the Untouchable EP is sure to kick things to the next level as Kompany, Aweminus, Effin, and Jiqui criss-cross their way across the continent for the next three-and-a-half months. To sweeten the pot a little more, we’ve not only got the full EP ready for you to dive into below but a proper sit-down with Kompany himself as he gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of the EP, the tour, and what the future holds.

Kompany’s Untouchable EP is out today via the ever-essential Never Say Die so download/stream yours here.

Thanks for sitting down for a quick chat in the midst of your tour! How you feeling these days?
Amazing! Super inspired since I’ve started up my first headline tour, and pumping out some of my craziest music yet!

Tell us about this EP. How did the project come together and was there a specific spark of inspiration behind the body of work?
This EP came together over the past couple years since I’m always stacking up WIPs and collabs, so it was fun to squeeze a bunch of new stuff in there as well as old ideas that I got to revamp. Always a pleasure getting to collaborate with a bunch of other talent as well.

Do you have a favorite track from the EP?
It’s hard to say, but I’ve been super excited to release the “Firewall VIP” ever since I made it for Lost Lands. I was never really sure if it was gonna come out, since we were just keeping it as a secret weapon for sets, but it was so highly requested I had to give the people what they wanted.

We’re so stoked that “Firewall VIP” is on this EP too! How did that one come together?
I actually made this one on the way to Lost Lands just to fake the crowd out and it ended up going off super hard! Definitely one of my biggest songs as I was developing my sound, so it was really cool to go back and put a more modern flare on it.

We’re also happy you’re releasing some more of your long-awaited collabs! How did you get together with Vastive and Staysick?
Vastive actually won the collab contest that we did with Splice, and we ended up making an absolute banger together! Staysick is an absolute beast! He used to frequent my streams and remix all of my older music and just kept getting better and better. He actually sent me the demo to “Thermos” over Instagram DMs and I decided to hop on the tune with him! We did a couple calls on Discord to work on the tune and then ended up hanging on there and gaming almost every day and he became one of my closest friends!

How is the tour going?
So far its been incredible! I’ve only had 4-5 stops so far but the energy has been NUTS. Heading to Texas tomorrow and am incredibly stoked to throw down, the bass scene there is super strong.

What’s your favorite track to play out on tour?
I have a bunch of IDs im super pumped on at the moment, will have some cool announcements regarding those soon. Lots of secret weapons.

What does the rest of 2021 look like for Kompany?
Shows every weekend, 8+ hours a day in the studio, crazy new merch designs, and spreading positivity and crazy music in as many different places as I possibly can.

Anything final thoughts before we return you to the wild?
Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview and I hope you all enjoy the new EP! If you get the opportunity to come to one of the dates on my tour, come say what’s up after so I can thank you personally for coming out. Much love!