The drum and bass duo known Koven surface on Monstercat with an exquisite single just in time to get us in the mood for their appearance at EDCLV in a few weeks.

Aptly titled “Take It Away”, the fresh single from Max and Katie delivers on all fronts as Max’s prowess on the production front serves as the perfect vehicle for Katie’s ever-impressive vocals drive the tune into the stratosphere.

While the lyrics bring on the pain of letting go of a relationship while fearing the void that follows, the emotive soundscape not only inspires you to journey with Koven but the high-energy shift of strings and drums beneath the vocals pull you along for the ride.

As Katie tells us: “I’m so excited for this to be our first single back after not releasing anything since last year. I think it’s something quite different for us but really special. It’s such a pretty track, it’s heartbreaking but also hopeful. I hope people connect with it the way we have.”

Max is quick to follow up with a hint at the larger project that the single is designed to introduce: “We started the EP at Middle Farm Studios in July 2021 and ‘Take It Away’ was actually the first track we wrote, so it made sense to start here with the releases too. We then got a knock on the door of the studio and it was my old music theory tutor who was in recording with another band. He’s been doing all the string arrangements for Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and others, so the strings you can hear on this record were arranged by him and recorded by the Parallax Orchestra!”

From the orchestral undertones to the spine-tingling rise into the atmospheres, this one is designed to be as much at home on them main stage of a festival as it is to be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into this one below and we can almost guarantee it will make its way into your EDCLV playlist and capture the essence of the live show they are about to bless us with under the Electric Sky.

This one’s out now via Monstercat so lock yours in here.