Photo by Chelone Wolf

The ever-impressive bass duo known as Koven return to center stage with a massive extended version of their Butterfly Effect LP on Monstercat. Dropping nearly a year on from the original debut album release, the extended edition features fresh exclusives and a massive line up of remixers from across the spectrum of the electronic music soundscape. While Koven’s own roots in ethereal vocal-driven drum and bass form the foundation upon which the others build their remixes, the success of the project is a testament to the timeless quality of Koven’s original work.

While heads ranging from The Prototypes to Oliverse and Ilan Bluestone bless the project with their own unique sounds, we are absolutely captivated by the heartbreaking stunner that Franky Nuts contributes to the project. Taking the tune “Give You Up” under his wing, the Circus and Disciple stalwart brings his absolute best to the Monstercat fam as he swerves into melodic bass territory as only he can do.

With an electrifying backdrop sure to have you longing for those days when you’d raise your hands to the night sky as the festival fireworks exploded, the goosebump-inducing vocals of Katie Koven bring it all together in a most satisfying and inspiring way.

Massive tune from a massive project sure to hit you right in the feels. Check the Franky Nuts remix below and scoop up your copy of the full Deluxe edition of Koven’s Butterfly Effect album project here.