Kronology Winds It Up On
Kronology Winds It Up On 'Timelapse'

Having surfaced earlier in the year under their newly-minted Kronology moniker, the Los Angeles-based duo formerly known as Slogun and Ioh made the home team proud when their crunchy cut “Razor Sharp” landed a prime slot on Drumsound and Simon “Bassline” Smith’s 15 Years of Technique LP. The single was a highly-anticipated release ever since the duo announced that they had been signed exclusively to the esteemed UK imprint. Now, after all the hazing has been completed and super-secret handshakes learned and tattoos applied, Kronology unleash their debut in the form of the three-track Timelapse EP that immediately puts all fears to rest about the ability of the Stateside crew to hold it down in the international arena.

Flexing on all fronts right from the get-go, Kronology roll things out to the breaking point on “You & Me” before unleashing a tsunami of festival vibes and a running groove. Even when they take a sharp turn into grimy territory on “Submerge,” those hands stay up in the air as this dirty number handcrafted in collaboration with another L.A.-based crew, Divine Elements, runs it red through and through.

To close things out Kronology team up with singer-songwriter Without My Armor who lays down some heavy vocals on “Monster.” Don’t let the title fool you, though; this one also rides that fine line between the dark and the light centered on a catchy groove that grounds the mind-melting atmospheres and spiraling drop that is sure to bring those late-night shivers on.

It’s a great debut for the Stateside duo and one that hints at the massive bits no doubt already being crafted in the lab and due to surface soon. The EP drops Sunday so look out!