Kronology’s Leaders of the New School Playlist
Kronology’s Leaders of the New School Playlist

Continuing to smash their way to center stage, the Los Angeles-based Kronology bring on the dancefloor crush once again on the ever-essential Technique Recordings. Continually flexing in and outside the studio, the duo take the dark melodic approach on “Breathe” before hitting the switches on “Lose Control” featuring Consouls and vocalist Daniel Hunter Jones joining in on the fun.

As the crew tell us: “The release has been getting some nice feedback with support from DJs like Rene LaVice, Aphrodite and Reid Speed to name a few. ‘Breathe’ in particular has been doing pretty solid on the DnB singles chart as well so we’re really happy with the release.”

Determined to “put out more music this year than we have in previous years,” the duo are already hard at work in the studio working on their next batch of floor-killers. In order to celebrate the massive way they’ve already kick-started the New Year, we sat down with the crew to gather up 15 cuts that feature artists we should be looking out for in the coming year.

Check Kronology’s ‘Leaders of the New School’ playlist below, followed by their breakdown of their Top Five cuts from the selection; and don’t forget to lock in your copy of “Breathe” and “Lose Control” on Technique here as it hits full release status today.

Sub Killaz “Dealerz”
“You can’t make this kind of list without including the Sub Killaz! These dudes have been absolutely smashing out banger after banger, and they’re seeing the success they deserve. No one is doing it bigger than these guys stateside right now, and we’re super proud of our SoCal bros for all they’re accomplishing!”

High Maintenance “Broken Pieces”
“This track is a fully-formed crossover smash waiting to happen. A great melody and vocal combined with haunting, funky synths and live guitar riffs that immediately get stuck in your head. A great example of this new liquid-esque sound we’re loving a lot in DnB nowadays.”

Flite “Raincoat”|
“Like everything Flite does, ‘Progression’ is lush, beautiful, and very well-written. Flite is taking DnB and making it into cinematic, gorgeous anthems that anyone can listen to and fall in love with. Flite is an amazing talent!”

Muzzy “Lost Forever”
“One of our favorite new producers for a while now, Muzzy has made a name for himself with huge tunes fit for stadiums as much as small clubs. It’s been inspiring to watch him do all this as part of the forward-thinking, EDM-spanning label Monstercat (which is by no means centered on DnB).”

Des McMahon “Voodoo” (Zere & Gabriel Habit Remix)
“We chose this tune so we could spotlight not one but three of our favorite up and coming producers, who are all pushing a unique hybrid DnB that lives somewhere between minimal stripped-back rollers and jump-up. All three of these guys are based in SoCal and all are killing it right now!”