Kusp “Shadowed”
Kusp “Shadowed”

Hard to believe we’re 20 releases in on Detail Recordings as the ever-impressive Lynx has used the imprint to push his own boundary-breaking productions and collaborations. As such, you can imagine it’s a big deal to bring a new name into the fold, especially when it’s a young producer on the come up with his own sound.

As Lynx tells us, “Over the past seven years my label, Detail Recordings, has always been an outlet for my music and collaborations only. I have never been in the game of searching for new talent to sign up, always preferring to focus purely on my musical creations, much like Calibre has with his Signature label. Also I have struggled to find that musician who really excites me. Often a lot of DnB I hear is rather one dimensional. A lot of producers find their sound and stick with it. Which is cool but for me I find that a bit boring and predictable. I also know how much, much work it takes for both artist and label to make success of a release. I have had some great experiences with labels and also felt let down many times before in a manner of ways. I have never wanted to put another artist through that! So with all that said it’s a big deal to announce my first signing to the label! Please welcome the super talented Kusp.”

With rumors of a full-on album already in the works, Kusp no doubt caught the attention of Lynx through his own ability to craft alien soundscapes and anabolic beats just as easily as he can roll out the euphoric dreamers and uplifting soul. The evidence is in this first release where he taps vocalist Edward Oberon for the goosebump-inducing “Moments” before hitting the switches on the halftime beast “Shadowed” we’re premiering below.

As the title hints, this one dips into the darker side of things with a slow churning growl and lurching groove that is sure to bring on its own form of fear-induced mania to the dancefloor. In the same vein of previous releases by label boss Lynx, the power of “Shadowed” is in the minimalist attention to details and the interplay between musical layers and elements.

When asked about his newfound role as a mentor, Lynx tells us, “Much like how Marcus Intalex worked with myself and Kemo on our debut album The Raw Truth for Soul:r back in 2009, I have let Kusp go where he wants with his music. I encourage him to think outside the box, help him source vocalists and give him a good, honest pair of ears on each of his creations. I feel like that’s what Marcus Intalex got right, especially with myself and Kemo being relatively new artists at the time. It was no bullshit; he just told it how it was and I hope I have given Kusp the same respect Marcus did with us.”

This one hits the streets on June 20 so check the beats below and lock in your pre-order here.