Kyrist Makes Her Own Luck with ‘Bad Omen’
Kyrist Makes Her Own Luck with ‘Bad Omen’

If you haven’t noticed, Kyrist is absolutely thriving at the moment. The reigning queen of Dispatch has just released her fourth eerily titled EP, Bad Omen, which includes collaborations with Philth, Monrroe, and Steo alongside remixes from the likes of Zero T and Fre4knc.

Often cited as the real deal when it comes to the darker and moodier styles of drum and bass, Kyrist also has a proven track record behind the decks with huge showings this summer at Let It Roll, Hospitality, and her most recent shelling at the Boomtown Fair. The epic post-celebration of Bad Omen is in full effect so Bassrush caught up the DJ/producer for a quick chat. Be sure to lock your copy of the EP here and check the heat below.

How’s the summer been treating you?
It’s been good so far. I’ve played some really amazing shows and been to some great places. Lots more to come for the rest of September, too.

Let’s start from the beginning of your journey releasing music. Which track do you feel was your “breakout” release?
I think probably “Geometry” on my Antidote EP that I released on Dispatch in 2017—that had the best response by far. It’s up there on Drum & Bass Arena’s most watched YouTube videos!

What were you doing before music took over?
Working in a bar and restaurant, which I hated.

What was the inspiration behind the title track name “Bad Omen?
I got inspired by this picture I found, which was quite dark and had brick walls leading up a staircase to the moon. It kind of made me think that something bad or unlucky was around the corner.

Your collab with Monrroe was a surprise to some fans and has been well-received. How did “Transcend” come to life?
I was talking with Monrroe and asked him if he wanted to do a track together. He sent me some stems and I elaborated on those; the usual way an online collab would work.

What’s on your current personal playlist that’s not DnB?
Lots of chill dance music like Bicep, Maya Jane Coles, Bonobo, Djrum, Jynx, and Rainman.

Since it’s festival season, what are some essential items in your DJ travel bag?
Hand sanitizer is a must, plus an eye mask, 5-HTP tablets, a power bank, and sleeping ear plugs.