A little old-school junglizm mixed with the forward-leaning minimalism of a Law on the London-based Rupture makes for an exquisite breakbeat-driven experience on “Seven Miles.” Taken from the Patterns EP which drops today, all four-tracks on the project dive deep into the shadowy warehouse corners of the genre, taking listeners on a trip back to the roots a la Source Direct, Photek, or Paradox.

“Seven Miles” stands out for the dark and heavy edges that immediately conjure up visions of desert renegades under a full moon. The twisted hypnotism at the core as the layers play off one on other is enough to keep the synapses firing long into the night. It’s a proper lesson and reminder of where it all began with just enough flex to keep things progressing into the future.

Law’s Patterns EP is out now on all digital platforms via Rupture LDN so lock yours in here.