Liquid Stranger Blurs Genre Lines with Wakaan
Liquid Stranger Blurs Genre Lines with Wakaan

Inspirited bass music producer/DJ Liquid Stranger is keeping his summer fully charged with a string of live performances and the introduction of his new imprint, Wakaan. Bassrush caught up with Martin Stääf (Liquid Stranger) to learn more about the first release and the mission of his new label.

“I make a very wide range of music and I wanted a place where I could put out material quicker and without any compromises. Wakaan will not be focused on a particular style or genre of music. The main goal is to focus on colorful artists who have a strong, unique expression.

My primary reason for starting [the label] is to give back to the community and help other producers get their message out. There are so many amazing musicians out there that deserve a proper chance to be heard. I’m fortunate enough to have built a very strong fan base who are open to all kinds of music and art.

The backbone of my productions has always been genre-busting and the exploration of new sounds. This time I’ve tried to incorporate all the different sides of my persona into each track. There are elements of pop, reggae, dub, trap, electronica, and dubstep while aiming to retain a strong sense of melody.”

With an open-minded approach to genre classification, the seminal release from Liquid Stranger is the aptly titled Nomad Volume 1 and is sure to intrigue listeners across the globe. Get involved and grab the download here.