LOST’s Weekday Sub Session
LOST’s Weekday Sub Session

Once a don, always a don. Now that LOST has a stack of new music up his sleeve, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up and find out exactly what kinda beats he’s been feeling as of late. Since his early days shaping a movement, his productions tend to lean towards the bassweight pressure, sub-laden kind of tunes, and much like his original ethos, the newer works exude that same vibe.

“I took a break from music because when you live and breathe something you’re passionate about 24/7, it will turn you crazy,” says the producer. “I had to step back for a bit to focus on my personal life, I had to make sure my feet were still firmly on the ground and luckily they were. I feel stronger than ever and even more confident with my music than I’ve ever been in my career. After all these years I feel like I’ve only just got started.”

LOST just released his debut on Disciple Round Table with fellow tastemaker N-Type, and his gigantic EP, The General, dropped on Deep Dark and Dangerous late last year. Forthcoming release for Subcarbon Records, remix work for the great Emalkay, and even more high-level releases are in the pipeline, so be sure to keep up with LOST here and get ready to give your headphones a proper workout by diving in below.

LOST “General Dub”
“This track was featured on my most recent The General EP and rocks the shit out of any sound system. It honestly rattles your whole rib cage and is a guaranteed reload every time I play it. I was told this track was in most people’s sets at Outlook Festival 2018!”

Jakes “Doomed Youth”
“I’ve always loved this track by Jakes, it’s been a favourite of mine ever since he first sent it to me. It’s the classic HENCH sound from Jakes that many have tried to replicate. It reminded me of when I first heard ‘3Kout’ by him. It’s just dark and wonky AF.”

Joker “Melkweg Bass”
“Joker is the type of producer you listen to and makes you want to give up or try harder. [Laughs] The man’s mixdowns are always on point. I love the ‘Dickheaddd’ sample just before the drop. The way the kid says it really catches UK culture if you understand our slang and the way things are said. Plus that mid-bass cuts THROUGH!”

Hebbe “Madhatter” (Headland Remix)
‘It was hard for me to decide between this version and the original, both are as good as the other. This track is just spooky AF. It’s so weird and peculiar, like a fresh take on a Coki track but with the producers own touch. The synth is just mentally challenged and I fucking love it.”

LOST “Metal Foot”
“I chose to include this track because of how relevant it still is to this day. Although I produced this 10 years ago back in 2009 and was released on HENCH records in 2010, I feel this track was responsible for a lot. It inspired a whole wave of new producers that you probably know now that make ‘riddim.’ It still sounds fresh. Check the second drop—you’ll know what I mean with the movement of the bass and how you can tie that in with the ‘riddim’ movement.”