If you’re into a dreamscape of sub infused beats, then look no further than LSDREAM & Shlump’s collaborative EP aptly titled ‘Universal Wub’ EP. The project has been released on none other than the label known to deliver all the trippy beats, WAKAAN.

The four track EP delivers immense cuts from all across the spectrum of wonky basslines that keep listeners intrigued right from the start. The title track, “UNIVERSAL WUB” immediately grabs the attention of listeners while venturing on a euphoric journey matched with minimalistic beats that hit in all the right spots. Next up, “ORGANISM” takes things to the darker side of the spectrum with growling low ends that make for a deep journey through deep basslines before “R.A.V.E” switches things up with higher uptempo that’s sure to keep the heads knockin’. Closing out the project, “STARCHILD” features vocals from Sarah Hudson perfectly matched with easy listening rhythms that will certainly deliver a perfect bassline that make for an equally perfect wonky ride.

LSDREAM & Shlump’s Universal Wub EP is out now via WAKAAN so download/stream here.