Luca Lush and Oski team up for a proper bass-driven flex on Bassrush Records in the form of the aptly titled, “Gangsta.”

Unfolding like a neon-drenched psychedelic cruise through the underground, the rave-ready “Gangsta” lives up to its name with a low-slung bottom end that shimmers and shakes in all the right places.

The streetwise vocal hook keeps this one grounded as the floor shifts and turns beneath the tune, spiraling through multiple tempos and scenarios with laser-like precision. Elements of techno, trap, dubstep and straight up bass-in-your-face are the glue that bind this one together as the unhinged beast at the core struggles the break free.

This one drops today via the ever-essential Bassrush Records so take a little ride with Luca Lush and Oski into “Gangsta” territory here.