When Mad Zach’s Fortress EP hit way back in 2017 it was obvious that it would go on to become a genre classic. Two years on and the EP still feels like a missive from the future so what better project to close 2019 out with then a full-on remix project of the EP?

Enter heads like Dub Phizix, Chee, Hybris and Yunis all queuing up at Plasma Audio headquarters to try their own hand at flipping Mad Zach’s original bits. From slow-burning lurchers to strychnine-laced heaters, the remix EP is the perfect soundtrack for those long, dark nights of winter on the way.

While all the artists are hitting on all cylinders it’s this relick from Safire that really has us up in arms. Taking the original swagger of “Doran” and giving it a psychedelic sheen, the resulting halftime sizzler is the perfect introduction to the project as well as a surefire reminder of the power that Mad Zach is kicking.

This one drops early December so keep your eyes and ears peeled on the socials for full details. Until then, enjoy this exclusive glimpse at the madness.