As the Dutch producer Maduk prepares a regal return to Liquicity with his sophomore album Transformations, we’re amped to be able to offer up a first listen to one of our favorite cuts off the forthcoming LP, “Alone.”

With a series of singles having already set the scene for the LP, “Alone” is perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to channeling the very best of the liquid fire that Maduk is capable of crafting. Joining forces with the essential vocals of Marianna Ray, “Alone” transforms what could perhaps be a straightforward liquid bubbler into a turbocharged anthem that arrives just in time for festival season.

Maduk sets the stage with a goosebump-inducing intro suffused with a tinge of melancholy that lingers around the edges before swirling towards the breaking point. Once Maduk ignites the afterburners, the tune sweeps forwards into a charging beat that rides the fine line between rinse out and liquid dreamer. Pulling up at the mid-point with a soft and subtle touch, Maduk gives the crowd time to breath before igniting the flames and rocketing back into the heart of the tune proper once again.

Marianna Ray’s vocals provide the key to unlocking the heartbreaking energy of this one as her voice merges effortlessly with Maduk’s stomping beat and the resulting alchemy blows the doors off. It’s the perfect teaser for the forthcoming Transformations album but doubles as the very best gift Maduk can deliver as a single ahead of the weekend.

Maduk’s “Alone” featuring Marianna Ray drops Friday, June 25 on Liquicity so dive into the beats below and lock your copy of this on in here.