Prague-based minimal neuro fave Rido announce earlier this year that he would be starting his own label named, appropriately, Rido Music. Given his diverse history, however, punters and critics alike were left wondering what direction Rido meant to take with the new imprint. With the first new banger of a track, we now have at least a partial answer.

For the first Rido Music release, Malux came on board to collab with the label’s namesake for “Orbit.” This first release came out today and it appears to contain all the reasons why both Rido and Malux are loved not only in neuro but across genres. It’s minimal and clean in its beats and production, respectively but it’s also incredibly feisty and fun.

If you like your spacy sounds, you’ll know “Orbit” is the track for you before the bass even hits. The ambient space sounds as well as the main and ancillary synths change up a lot throughout the track and, even without the beat, could be seen as an experimental or classical composition on their own. The track is done in three parts with these synths leading the listener through each of the parts, so in that way the track is also done up somewhat classically because it’s not driven by the drums or bassline.

Now, just because the rhythmis parts of “Orbit” aren’t driving it along and rather allowing the synths to lead doesn’t mean they’re taking a supporting role. In fact, the beatmaking elements are so strong that the seriously heavy synths and celestial, cinematic sound design couldn’t drown them out if they tried. The beats build in intensity and bass-driven heft as the synths move from section to section of the track as it builds to a neuro-heavy cacophony of snares, sub bass and grinding space sounds. On the first drop with the beat being so minimal and the sound design being so open, no one would have thought that this was where “Orbit” would have ended.

There’s a lot to unpack from this first Rido Music track in terms of thinking about what direction the label will take but seeing “Orbit” as a whole, it seems like all the best bits of both Rdio and the artists he works with will come out of it. Not to mention Malux & Rido are a winning combination every time.

“Orbit” is out now on Rido Music. Playlist on Spotify or purchase on Beatport.