With the ever-impressive Crissy Criss at the helm, his War on Silence imprint delivers a massive three-track EP from the legendary Malux.

Gathered under the apt ‘Swamp Thug’ moniker, Malux kicks down the doors and goes all in on every single cut that surfaces on this project. From the chest-quaking shivers of the title cut on through to the deceptive atmospherics of “Joystick” and the old-school rave vibes of “Fallout”, it’s more than obvious that Malux is operating at the top of his game.

Still, nothing can quite prepare you for the adrenaline-fueled rush that “Deadly Intruders” delivers. Cinematic vibes reign supreme from the get-go as the haunting vibes of the intro quickly spiral to the breaking point before Malux ignites the afterburners and launches the heart of the tune proper into outer space. The deadly dancefloor vibes and synthesized swerve that Malux expertly crafts unfolds as a kinetic journey into the heart of the dance that has us aching to get back on the dancefloor to feel the full power and fury of this one.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere below and be sure to lock in your pre-order / pre-save here as the full ‘Swamp Thug’ EP drops tomorrow, Friday, March 5.