Ten years in the making, Mampi Swift‘s long-awaited Victory Rose album is finally locked and loaded and ready to hit the streets. Clocking in at twenty tunes of pure, unadulterated drum and bass as only Mampi can do, the album not only captures the ever-evolving vision of the legendary artist over the years but his undying love for the genre.

With each tune road-tested and refined in the trenches, we’re more than stoked to be able to be premiering one of the standout cuts off the album: “Future Mainframe.” Riding in on an apocalyptic wave of energy, the mix of breakbeats and strychnine-laced stabs make for a dizzying intro to the album proper. Conjured up from the ashes of some futuristic tech-driven society on the verge of collapse, the tune wastes no time spiraling head-first into a massive wall of filthy bass. Never one to just hit and run, Mampi pours on the pain and lets it ride to the breaking point before hamming it back home with a rewind-worthy drop when the drums come charging back in.

It’s the perfect the intro to the full power of the album as Mampi kicks down the doors and reminds us of his OG roots in the underground days before continuing to flex with even more grimy warehouse burners and euphoric hands-in-the-air anthems alike.

Due to drop on December 27 via Mampi’s own Charge Recordings, this future classic is one to buy on sight so lock in your pre-order here and prepare to get that head cracked on the exclusive premiere of “Future Mainframe” we’ve got lined up for you above.