Maztek’s epic 2018 album Warpath solidified his place in the neurofunk and hard D&B hall of fame. Each track on the album was an absolute scorcher with lots of twists, turns and collabs. The remix album was teased last year as well, with Redpill and Current Value’s remixes of “Shake the Foundation” and “Timeless,” respectively, being released shortly after the album. It seems Maztek decided to release the rest of the remixes together in another long play, so luckily the wait is almost over with the album due out this Friday.

Aside from the Current Value and Redpill mixes, Warpath Remixed has contributions from Signs, Droptek, Optiv, Insomniax, Synth Ethics, Kiril…the list goes on and also includes a VIP of “Pandemonium” by Maz himself. Just days before the album’s full release, Bassrush has the exclusive premiere of yet another high-profile banger, “Gladiators” as remixed by Inward, Hanzo & Randie.

The original “Gladiators” mix was a collab with Gridlok and was a chunky, theatrical roller with some really brain-scrambling effects at the phrase transitions and lots of tension built into the ambient space and the breaks. The IHR remix sees some of the theatrical pieces stripped back to expose the exquisite bones of the track. One of the snares is taken out in the beginning, making the track seem slower but really there’s just more of a focus on that sick kick. From there, IHR turned the track from a roller into a chugger with a second crunchy synth that matches the phrase transitions and gives a little throwback nod to early 2000s style.

The overall effect of the “Gladiators” remix is that IHR have preserved not only the stems but the initial style of the track and then run with it, keeping the early neuro feel but changing it up into something new. The remix starts out more minimal than the original but then it’s filled with heavy synths and even more interesting phrase transitions. This mix has everything a good remix should and it’s a great final tease before Warpath Remixed drops even more masterful madness on the world.

Warpath Remixed will be out this Friday, November 15 on Maztek’s 0101 imprint. Click here for the Beatport Exclusive and other platforms as they become available.