Maztek Releases LP On Renegade Hardware
Maztek Releases LP On Renegade Hardware

A favorite among D&B/neurofunk fans, Italian producer Maztek (née Matteo Cavo) debuts his awaited ThreePointZero LP on legendary Renegade Hardware. The man known for well-produced neuro-dancefloor tunes describes the inspiration behind his LP as an exploration of human evolution and its ties to the cyber, technical and spiritual worlds.

The sci-fi smasher features two collabs—“Aphanite” with InsideInfo, and a pair-up with BTK entitled “Wraith”—as well as Audio’s Remix of Maztek’s “M Theory.” ThreePointZero is available to vinyl collectors and also comes via CD and digital formats. Find HWARELP07 here.


01. Maztek feat. Dope DOD – “From The Shadows”
02. Maztek – “Badlicious”
03. Maztek – “Sprocket”
04. Maztek – “Anunnaki”
05. Maztek – “Stompin’”
06. Maztek & InsideInfo – “Aphanite”
07. Maztek feat. Stonic – “Interlude”
08. Maztek – “Three Point Zero”
09. Maztek & BTK – “Wraith”
10. Maztek – “Tokiwa”
11. Maztek – “Time Gap”
12. Maztek – “Memory Leak”
13. Maztek feat. Coppa – “Like A Boss”
14. Maztek – “M Theory” (Audio Remix)
15. Maztek & Disprove – “Bad Body”
16. Maztek feat. Coppa – “Like A Boss” (Instrumental)**

**Bonus track digital only