Every now and then a tune comes along that scratches all the right spots and “Follow Me” from MC Det and Martial Taktics is the one.

Dropping as part of a two-track single on ProgRAM Records, the synergy between the two artists already has us begging for more collaborations between the two. While MC Det has already achieved legendary status in the drum and bass scene, it’s the relative newcomer Martial Taktics who creates the perfect soundscape to let the OG shine.

While “Play Me” delivers a proper punch to the chest with a dirty bassline cranking up the heat, “Follow Me” runs it red with a barely restrained aggressiveness that straight slaps. The low-end groove complements the growling lyricism of MC Det perfectly and the resulting composition elevates into instant anthem status.

It’s a massive debut on ProgRAM for both artists and another volley from Ram Records’ sister imprint in the ongoing battle for dominance of the underground.

This one’s out now so check the heat below and lock yours in here.