As we close in on the end of 2019, Neosignal Recordings continues to celebrate its tenth year in existence with one last massive drop. Coming hot on the heels of the jaw-dropping three-part Neosignal X remix album, the label ups the ante with one last blast in the form of this surprise fourth and final episode in the project with this 8-track special.

Featuring heavyweight remixes from the likes of Icicle, Emperor, Redpill, Hybris, The Caracal Project, Skantia and Submarine, it’s obvious that Neosignal wants to smash their way into the decade ahead with untouchable style. Still, even in the midst of all that dancefloor mayhem, its Fade Black‘s remix of Mefjus & Phace’s “Clock Off” that has us bouncing off the walls at Bassrush HQ.

From the sinister atmosphere that sets the stage for the apocalyptic mayhem to follow, Fade Black inject a dose of unabashed aggression into the already anabolic “Clock Off.” As the tune builds to the dizzying drop prepare to hit the deck as Fade Black bust out the tech-flex and twist up synapses in the process with perfectly timed vocal drops and a swerving groove that quite simply can’t be fucked with.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere of this beast above and lock in your preorder here as this one drops December 18.

NEOSIGNAL X – PART 4 Track List:

01 Misanthrop – Latitude (Icicle Remix)
02 Phace & Misanthrop – What’s Wrong (Emperor Remix)
03 Mefjus & Phace – Clock Off (Fade Black Remix)
04 Phace & Misanthrop – Waveform (Redpill Remix)
05 Misanthrop – Minimalinski (Hybris Remix)
06 Phace – Congress (The Caracal Project Remix)
07 Proxima – Cut The Corner (Skantia Remix)
08 Phace & Rockwell – NO! (Submarine Remix)