Mef:Lab Cook Up Some Heaters
Mef:Lab Cook Up Some Heaters

The Critical Music imprint has been on an absolute tear this past year, and anticipation was thus high when word leaked that they were setting up an Ivy Lab trio versus Mefjus studio project. While a full-on collaboration has yet to surface, heads are rejoicing as the first of what will no doubt be a series of “MEF:LAB” experiments has come to light in the form of a pair of joint remixes from the crew.

Mefjus steps up to bat first with a tricked-out half-tempo relic of Ivy Lab’s “Sunday Crunk.” that reveals an impressive glimpse into the full arsenal the Austrian-based producer is capable of. Winding it up through the intro and building towards Mefjus’ signature tech-driven rinseout, the walls of the track suddenly collapse, and we are thrust straight into future-shuffling territory.

Ivy Lab returns the favor on the flip, stripping Mefjus’ “Blame You” down to its bare bones to emphasize the most delicious elements of the original, as the bass stabs and a hypnotic hook keep things locked in a groove-and-funk driven call and response. Zoe Klinck’s inimifestival_news vocals keep it bubbling throughout.

Consider these tracks an essential release for those who like it twisted!

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