Megalodon & Leo Black Reign Supreme with “Buss It”
Megalodon & Leo Black Reign Supreme with “Buss It”

Los Angeles-based musicians Megalodon and Leo Black join forces for a collaborative track by the name of “Buss It” that’s sure to get any crowd hyped up. “Buss It” features both the high energy of dubstep, effortlessly blended with the hip-hop influence that Leo Black brings to the track, for nothing short of a banger. With a luring intro that moves into a catchy hook—then finished off with a massive drop—this one is set to leave a lasting imprint on the masses. “Buss It” certainly pushes the boundaries of bass music and brings a new spicy flavor to the scene.

We got a chance for a quick chat with Megalodon and Leo Black to hear about how this collaboration came to light and what they hope fans take away from the track. Check it out below and be sure to grab your copy of the tune here!

This is a massive release! How did you guys come to make this happen?

Megalodon: I guess it’s one of those “being at the right place [at the] right time” situations. I met Leo randomly via a ride-share app. We exchanged contact info after a lengthy conversation about stuff like basketball and music. Shortly after he sent me the rough idea for “Buss It.” I was instantly inspired by the hook and went straight to work. I pulled an all-nighter and sent him the idea the next day. Then after a few more sessions, it was done. I was so stoked on the vocals it made it really easy to punch out a good drop.

“Buss It” has both of your unique sounds integrated into it. Tell us a little bit about that writing process. 

Leo Black: I was feeling hype when I was writing my lyrics, especially after Beyoncé headlining Coachella and listening to Kelani’s ‘Sweet Sexy Savage’ album. Adding Lil Yachty’s redhead was just me thinking out loud.

Megalodon: Normally these days the producer writes the full track and then has the vocalist record to it, but in this case, it was the opposite. He had sent me the stems before I even started the project file. Though limiting my freedom key wise, it did give me the initial concept, which made it much easier to write the track. I might be a decent producer, but I couldn’t come up with a good hook even if I was fishing. It also helped fill an aching desire I’ve had to hear more authentic sounding rap in dubstep. This gave Leo the freedom to help me achieve that sound for the intro.

What do you hope fans will take from this release?

Megalodon: We really want to try and expand our horizons musically. We’ve always really been into the trap/dubstep hybrid sound and wanted to take it to the next level. I really hope what the fans will be just as excited as we are to try something slightly new. I think the catchy hook and flow in the intro gives it a bit more staying power. Sometimes there are hardly any catchy parts to a dubstep song. If there is, it’s in the drop, and you’re reduced to having to mouth out wubs to your friends so they know which song you’re on about.

Leo Black: I hope fans will take all the good energy that’s in the record. While Megalodon was creating the drop, we would have hour-long conversations about our personal life, too. We would talk about sacrifices we made, obstacles we overcame, and struggles that we are still dealing with daily. When I heard the mastered version, I could feel the energy in it off the rip. I knew that by us becoming friends, it made it a better tune.