WAKAAN serves as a portal for yet another mind-bending ride to the outer reaches of the bass music universe, this time with Mersiv at the helm.

Best known for his “Pretty Dark Loud” flex, Mersiv spreads the love and invites a heavyweight crew of Colorado’s finest to join him on the superhero-worthy Legion of Boom EP. Each tune on the four-tracker features collabs with Wriza, Killa Nova, Opalyte, and Chill Bobby, and the results are sure to fry your synapses in their own unique way.

“The Prologue” is the perfect intro to the wicked wizardry that Sub.mission alumni Wriza brings to the proceedings. After kicking in the doors, Killa Nova steps into the collaborative ring and drops some old-school bounce before Mersiv and Opalyte unleash the celestial beast known as “Ultimate Dragon.” Bringing it all home, Chill Bobby leans hard into the high-octane “Drop That Beat” with a shivering and shuddering ride into the dark side.

The entire Legion of Boom EP serves as the perfect introduction to the alternative universe that Mersiv and his MorFlo Records collective in Colorado are conjuring from the Mile High atmosphere. 

Check the skull-twisting heat below and locks yours in HERE as this one’s out now via the ever-essential WAKAAN.