The London-based imprint responsible for straight up murkin’ the scene known as NSD: Black Label returns with another massive compilation for all you bass thirsty heads, and this one is extra special as it’s all hand-picked by than none other than Midnight Tyrannosaurus. An exclusive mix, assembled by the man himself, also accompanies the 10-track compilation. With special appearances from Digitist, Executioner, MVRDA, Somnium Sound, Yakz and more, NSD: Black Label XL 5 is sure to pack some serious heat!

Opening up the project on a proper note, Midnight Tyrannosaurus offers up his all-original track “The Warp,” featuring signature synths and jaw-dropping basslines that immediately prove this compilation is straight up merciless! Next up, MVRDA follows suit with the aptly titled “Destroy,” bringing a brain-rattling bassline to keep you hungry for more before Somnium Sound smacks with “Firaga.” Keeping things spicy, Yakz follows up with the bass drenched “Shape Shifter” that’s sure to induce some serious bass face before Digitist and Executioner come in for the kill with “Digital Execution,” a track that will shake you to your core with an unrelenting bassline. Finishing up the project strong, Midnight T comes in once again with some blood curdling bass on his all original “Blitzball” that’s designed to thrust you into a bass coma before you even knew what hit you!

If you’re keen to some hard-hitting bass that makes your guts turn, look no further than NSD: Black Label XL 5! Grab your copy here if you know what’s good for you!