Ram Records locks in a summertime heartbreaker from none other than the man of the hour, Millbrook. Featuring the exquisite vocals of Selin alongside a filtered male vocal hook that rides the bassline throughout, the sweet ache of the lyrics on “You & Me” propels the listener through a wide range of emotions that whipsaw their way through the tune with effortless ease.

Dropping that swerving flex as only he can do, Millbrook carves an impressive path between celestial dreamscapes and the high-energy adrenaline rush of the tune proper. Easing up just long enough to let Selin’s vocals breathe some pain into the proceedings before Millbrook shifts gears and carries us home.

If the summer heat hasn’t hit your shores yet, this tune is sure to unleash the sunshine on your soul as Millbrook proves he’s the real deal and one to watch in 2021.. This one drops on all digital platforms tomorrow, April 30, via Ram Records so dive into the deliciousness below and keep your eye out for more from Millbrook soon.