Sofa Sound, the Bristol-born, bred and based record label from DLR continues to impressively carve its own path in the grimy underworld of the drum and bass world.

As with label boss DLR’s own intricate, minimalist take on the genre, the crew gathered under the fourth Sofa King Sick compilation album series explores the same terrain with inimitable style.

Familiar faces like Molecular, M-zine, and Thematic represent for the Sofa Sound family while heavy hitters like T>I and Kyrist level up for the project. With exclusives from Industry and Serpnt tossed into the mix, the 14-track behemoth is bursting at the seams with talented sonic wizardry.

One of our favorite cuts off the album comes from Minor Forms as the London-based producer crafts an exquisitely produced “Danger” that we’re stoked to premiere below.

Fans of OG tech-stepping breakbeat-driven funky-grooves are going to be drooling all over their controllers when this one drops. Centered on an intricate call and response between the layers, prepare for your jaw to drop and your feet to start moving of their own accord as the the percussive elements play off the worm-like bottom end while the mid-range groove keeps it glued together.

It’s a standout tune from a standout album rammed with minimalist drum and bass heaters aimed directly at that point in your skull that activates movement in your lower regions.

Sofa King Sick IV is out now via Sofa Sound Bristol so lock yours in here.