Misanthrop “Turbine”
Misanthrop “Turbine”

Misanthrop’s Analog LP is almost out on November 8 and Bassrush has the last premiere before the blessed occasion. With its deeper, darker style, “Turbine” promises that the album will have much more than meets the ear. While the first two premieres, “Deus” and “Heute Nacht,” have been steppy and wave synth-focused, “Turbine” takes on a whole different register, hinting that fans can expect some serious diversity and dark vibes on this LP.

If there’s one thing Misanthrop fans are used to by now, it’s knowing to expect the unexpected. Given the canon of Analog thus far, “Turbine” is definitely unexpected. Thematically it’s still got the Moogy/tube amp and sine wave-inspired synths seen in the other two released tracks but “Turbine” is definitely a different feel. This mostly comes from slightly deeper drums, although they’re still minimal and snare-heavy, as well as what Misanthrop does with the ambient space.

Most notably on “Turbine,” there’s a massive bass synth, also done in sine wave style, that not only dominates the background but also takes over the track’s foreground on many occasions. In the intro, some may mistake this synth for a more typical foghorn sound but as the first drop hits, it’s manipulated into different registers and later joined by a more pulsing bass synth which, after the break, moves with the beat as well. Using this bass (almost sub bass) synth in different ways allows it to not only give warmth and depth but to drive the track and send it in a darker direction.

The bass wave is not the only part of the sound design in “Turbine” that makes it sound darker. There are a number of eerie synths on the high register that sort of float around and weave in and out of the mids and lows. Half theatrical score and half rave classic, these synths along with the echoes on the main synth add more depth and spookiness to the track which contribute to the overall dark, techy feel. With all these elements put together, one can almost imagine an actual massive turbine turning in a dark, empty metal tube somewhere. You know a track is good when you can actually picture the sound the artist was going for.

It’s clear with Analog that there was a consistent theme Misanthrop was going for and that it is meant to be a cohesive work to be listened to all the way through, much like the Blurred EP in 2017. With the introduction of “Turbine,” however, fans now know that there will be some definite bangers with Misanthrop’s unique spin on bass and sub bass in the mix as well.

“Turbine” is out now on Neosignal and can be purchased or streamed by clicking here, where the full Analog album can also be pre-ordered or pre-saved.