Those of us who live or have lived in Southern California know that the term “gnarly” has a wealth of meanings in our vernacular. In surf culture, a “gnarly” wave can mean it was tricky or big or part of an epic set. It can also mean something gross, grotesque or awful. Even someone’s attitude can be “gnarly” or “gnar” nowadays.

How both meanings of “gnarly” managed to reach neurofunk producer and Eatbrain favorite MNDSCP in his home country of Hungary is anyone’s guess. It’s clear right away from the cover art and track names for his most recent Eatbrain EP entitled Gnar, however, that he’s quite familiar. Nothing says “gnarly double pun” quite like a decaying zombie on a beach with a shark-bitten surfboard.

It makes sense, really: we’re coming up on spring so beach and surf is on everyone’s minds, even in landlocked Eastern Europe, apparently, and the decaying zombie, well, all you really have to say is Eatbrain. Masters of bass and beat horror that are over at everyone’s favorite zombie-based imprint, when the idea of a playlist to celebrate Gnar came up, we asked MNDSCP to purvey some of his favorite terrifying tracks. What follows proves that he knows his stuff, both in music and in gore. Read, take a listen; MNSCSP certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Gnar.

Ryme Tyme & Optical – Ghostbuster
This one is a really spooky number from lyrical don Ryme Tyme and neuro grandmaster Optical, straight from 1999. it’s a masterpiece from the beginning to the end.

Optiv & BTK – Gateway
Those eerie arpeggios and sinister chords sound like they are coming from the underground laboratory of an evil genius, then the drop slaps you in the face.

Gridlok – Insecticide

Dark, twisted and a real dancefloor smasher. Every DJ played this tune when it came out, even liquid DJs.

Redpill – Lunch Time
It could be a quick office lunch menu or a family feast on Sunday, but as it’s an Eatbrain track, if we put it in context that spine-chilling intro immediately makes a more sinister context.

Thriller – Jekyll
It’s not a super-famous tune and that’s why I love it! Insane horror vibes and a bouncing modern dancefloor killer.

Mindscape & Jade ft. Coppa – Friday The 13th
How could a list of horror tunes be complete without this gnarly tune I made with my friends Jade & Coppa? This one comes around every Friday the 13th,as it should.

Gnar is out now on Eatbrain and can be purchased on Beatport. Check the Eatbrain website for MNDSCP’s podcast and the label’s next release, the Critical Damage EP by Teddy Killerz.