The bad man MONXX returns to center stage to celebrate the two year anniversary of his seminal debut album, World of Wonk, with this exclusive VIP of the title cut leading the way.

You may be thinking there’s no way to improve the original filth that “World of Wonk” threw down but trust, the VIP feels like the original was deconstructed and rebuilt with an upgraded chassis and DNA making it pop like new.

From those exotic vibes that kick us into the trapped out badlands of P Money’s tune-within-a-tune, you know that boss vibe lyrical flex still holds up with a grimy vibe that quite simply can’t be fucked with.

Once the VIP kicks in the afterburners and smashes into the heart of the wonk proper, the full power of the VIP is unleashed as the wobbling hook is a proper face-ripper while the bottom end keeps the windows rattling throughout. If you pop this one in your ride and want to cruise the neighborhood, make sure the subwoofer in the trunk is hitting on maximum so you can ghost the whip like a boss and shotgun your way onto the freeway in a haze of rubber smoke.

Even if you just have this one plugged into your AirPods while you’re lounging on the couch, the vibe on this one is so thick that we can’t help but feel that summer is almost here and it’s time to wild out to bits like this so don’t be surprised if you find yourself bouncing off the walls.

Either way, its obvious MONXX still has what it takes to hit us where it hurts so lock this one in when it drops tomorrow (April 9) on all platforms and consider yourself warned!