Monxx Prepares to Bring the World of Wonk to Los Angeles
Monxx Prepares to Bring the World of Wonk to Los Angeles

Bass music, with its plethora of rising stars and previously untouched genres that are now being explored, has undoubtedly flourished as of late. Among the names of artists who continue to push the boundaries of bass music is Monxx, the Peterborough native who’s been one of the most influential names responsible for keeping the genre of riddim alive and well—or wonky, as he puts it.

After the release of his most notable release, “The Wonky Song” with Walter Wilde, Monxx has continued to challenge the boundaries of his approach of production as well as pushing the envelope of the genre all together. Though, it’s certainly his special touch on genre that’s earned his recognition from some of bass music’s heaviest hitters and even earned him spots on Excision’s 2018 Paradox Tour. Most recently, Monxx has released his debut album World of Wonk and coinciding World of Wonk Tour!

As we prepare to get wonky with the man himself, we caught up with Monxx to get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s to come this Friday at Academy LA! Check out what he had to say below and make sure to grab your tickets here!

First off, how’s life treating you?
Life is amazing! Couldn’t be better right now!

Looks like you’ve been busy on tour. How’s that going?
Tour has been amazing! Every show has been getting better and better and I’m so grateful for everyone who’s come out so far. We’ve had a blast!

Things have changed since your first headline tour; how’s this one different than the previous?
It’s really cool to see how things have changed since my first tour in America in 2017. It’s really overwhelming and I’m not sure if I’ve fully digested it, but I couldn’t be more grateful!

Do you have a particular favorite stop of the tour thus far?
My favorite stop so far has been El Paso when I played Foam Wonderland! El Paso knows how to party!

How did this tour come about? How did you go about choosing support for this tour?
The whole World of Wonk Tour is based around my first album, World of Wonk, so I wanted to base the support of tour directly from the album. For example, Jkyl & Hyde are featured on the album. I also chose some of my close friends and people on the same roster as me. Subcon Gang!

What was your overall vision when creating this tour?
Everything WONKY!

You recently released your debut album, World of Wonk. Can you talk about your writing process behind the project?
It all happened very fast, really. I wrote the whole album in around six weeks! But the album didn’t really come together until I locked in the feature with P money. P money’s vocals on the single “World of Wonk” really brings the album to life visually, too.

We’re excited to have you headline Academy LA this Friday! Any hints you’ve got up your sleeve you can share with fans?
Tons of new music and a few special guests!

What are you most excited about playing Academy LA?
I’ve heard so many good things about Academy LA! The energy alone looks insane, so I’m looking forward to having a piece of that! Also, the visual boards look AMAZING!

What are your Top 3 tour essentials?
Headphones, dad cap, laptop.

Any last shouts before we wrap things up?
Shout out to everyone who has supported the album and the tour! If it weren’t for you guys, the tour wouldn’t be possible, so thank you!!! This is only the start; let’s get wonky!