Murdock’s Pre-EDC Warm-Up
Murdock’s Pre-EDC Warm-Up

Once referred to as the Jay-Z of Belgian drum and bass, Murdock—the man responsible for the birth of the globally revered event and bass music institution known across the world as Rampage—arrives on US soil and is about to show America what he’s made of. From manning Radar Records and Rampage Recordings, to spearheading the world’s largest drum and bass and dubstep party, you can bet his set at the bassPOD will not disappoint.

“Soldiers,” his recently released collaboration with Doctrine and MC Mota, serves up a nice dose of high energy dancefloor D&B bliss. Ahead of our humble soiree in the desert, Rampage founder and music mogul Hans Machiels (aka Murdock) shares his personal playlist filled to the brim with bangers from Matrix, Infekt, Cyantific and more, followed by his thoughts on choice cuts from his epic selection.

Matrix “Temperament”
“The track is 20 years old, but if projects that same combination of funk and aggression it did when it first popped up on Matrix’s brother Ed Rush’s Virus label. The standout track of Matrix’s debut album, and one of the best tracks from that era.”

Infekt “Orgalorg”
“When I think of riddim, I think of this track. Simple and effective, this is dubstep at its best to me: it grabs back to the vibe of early DMZ and Skream stuff, while sounding unmistakably futuristic at the same time. Less is more, and Infekt proves this yet again with this track.”

Cyantific “Welcome The Future”
“I started Rampage Recordings well over a year ago, and this is one of the first tracks we signed. We were blessed to find that Cyantific and his team thought our label was the best home for it, and it got to #2 on the Beatport charts. It’s a great take on the foghorn sound before it got rinsed, and Cyantific has added some strong drums to make the whole thing even more powerful. Look out for the VIP, coming soon!”

Bare Up “Pull Up”
“More Rampage Recordings, as I signed a new act to the label a little while ago that has just blown me away. ‘Pull Up’ is our first release from him and it’s a smash! DJ Hazard & DJ Hype, Macky Gee, Harriet Jaxxon and I all played it at Rampage and it went off! A highly intelligent take on classic jump-up drum and bass. The man’s new EP has just dropped too and is called ‘Out of Nowhere.’ Everyone should check it out if they’re into high octane drum and bass!”

Murdock “Can’t Keep Me Down”
“This is probably my most successful track to date, about to hit a million plays on Spotify! It’s a take on the Kompact minimal house sound of the likes of Justus Könchke and Booka Shade, with a throwback to the liquid drum and bass sound of 2012/2013 which I love so much. I got goosebumps the first time I heard the vocal Sena sent me and it still does that to me to this day.”