Every single time MUST DIE! steps up with a release, bassheads across the globe are salivating in anticipation of the mayhem about to drop. Corral that heat in the form of a full-on artist LP and the expectations to have our minds blown are even higher and thankfully, MUST DIE! delivers once again.

Dropping his sophomore album on the Never Say Die family, Crisis Vision is a cinematic assault on the senses as much as it’s yet another tour-de-force from one of the greatest bass artists of our generation.

While many of the bits surfacing on the LP have been well-rinsed throughout the pandemic, there’s still no denying that we can’t wait to feel the full fury of bits like “LOL OK” with Akeos and Skream on a proper festival rig this summer. But even with the previously teased bits, there’s eight fresh tracks to sink your teeth into and live up to the epic vision that the Seattle native always brings to the stage.

Rinsing familiar realms on the dubstep front, MUST DIE! confidently dips into bass house, drum and bass, acid house and hard dance territory. If you’re only here to ride the rails, don’t let the forays into various genres throw you off as MUST DIE! brings his inimitable style to each cut he carefully sculpts and crafts in the studio.

Collabs with IMANU, Skream, LINK, and Ducky, stand out on an album that demands to be listened to from top to bottom in the classic sense of taking a journey into the eclectic and hectic headspace that MUST DIE! is kicking.

This one is out now via Never Say Die so put on your stomping boots and lock yours in here.