My Nu Leng Pop the Portal
My Nu Leng Pop the Portal

Having come up large with their own heavyweight garage and grime sound, My Nu Leng are no strangers to the spotlight as their releases on imprints ranging from Black Butter to MTA have proven. While their remixes for the likes of Rudimental, Naughty Boy, and Clean Bandit, may be what springs to mind when you’re thinking of the UK-based duo, dig a little deeper into their backstory and you’ll find an ethos rooted in drum & bass.

From their shared love of the genre and bonding over their early vinyl collection it should come as no surprise that Friction has wrangled the crew into returning to their roots and knocking out an epic four-tracker for his Shogun Audio imprint.

When asked how they linked up with Friction in the first place the duo tells us: “We first worked with Friction by remixing his track ‘Long Gone Memory’ and more recently have been working with Ed under his new alias FineArt. We showed him some drum and bass we’d been making and he mentioned the idea of an EP on Shogun. It’s been over a year since that conversation started and we are really happy to now get it out there and an honor for us to bring it on Shogun whilst working with the likes of SpectraSoul and Friction on music, too.”

From the dark and brooding title track to the Friction collab “Jigsaw,” all fears of this being a casual genre-crossing experiment are out the door as the bits come roaring with a razor-tipped intensity sure to have even the most battle-hardened drum and bass heads out there bouncing.

Proving they can flex on the deeper side of the genre as well, “The Terrace” features an epic link with SpectraSoul that unfolds like a haunting cinematic journey through the twisted dreamscape of some alien lifeforce. Still, for all those My Nu Leng fans out there who may be shook when they hear the duo stripping it down for the drum & bass masses, the crew pull out all the stops and bring on the genre-bending bassbin shivers with “Senses.” Built on the untouchable vocals of Iyamah, the 130bpm dip into darkness is the perfect bridge between the multiple masks that My Nu Leng wears.

Out now so lock in your own copy of this future classic here.