Infocalypse is a bit of a tongue-twister of a name, but it definitely speaks to the way media operates right now, what with InfoWars, the Mar-a-lago raids and just plain old social media. Mythic Image, a new duo formed by Eatbrain veteran and recent mau5trap acquisition and avant garde D&B/halftime/drone artist River Accorsi, seem to want to strike on that point right away with their new EP. Having dropped just this past Monday, August 8, it seems if society’s collapse is, in fact, happening via the media, Mythic Image want to be sure we at least have some good music to listen to.

Prior to Infocalypse, Mythic Image had their first tracks with HARD Recs and Eatbrain, respectively, doing a scrapey, scrambly remix of Nitepunk’s “MTV” and an original snarling roller of a track called “Dymaxion” on EB’s recent Divergence IV compilation album. Although extremely well-crafted and each bangers in their own right, these first two tracks from the duo are quite different so it was tough to get a sense of what their sound would be going forward.

Luckily, interested fans didn’t have to wait much longer to see what Mythic Image would do next, as Eatbrain pushed Infocalypse out the door just over a month later. That said, style-wise, the EP probably raises more questions than it answers, but knowing NickBee and River Accorsi, we really shouldn’t have expected anything less. Both these producers have a strong penchant for experimentation and style-stradling, so a debut EP where they team up really should be the jumpy, crunchy, drony neuro sampler that it is.

Opener “9000AD” has a vintage dark-and-techstep flare with lots of chunky synths but also modern elements like minimal radio-pop drums, loose snares, cinematic sound design. “Interceptor” follows with more of a rolling flow but no lack of metallic doom synths. This track makes it clear that NickBee and Accorsi had a lot of fun putting together these tracks with some surprising elements like some melodic, almost ambient phrase transitions, a second, more high-pitched synth after the second drop, and is that a vaporwave synth in the intro? You’re goddamned right it is. 

Mythic Image are far from finished with the fun and funk from there: the growler/roller that is “Chewed Up” as some sort of Frampton-eqsue pre-vocoder synth to announce the drop while “Tangential”goes full-on sub bass synth so deep that they sound like they’ve been deadened, all while ravey, slightly orchestral synths tie this extremely complex track together. Finally, once listeners think they may have a handle on this EP, the closing track “4000AD” is a slightly-slower-than-dubstep mindmelter of a soundsystem track that mashes together more darkstep and techstep in its 130BPM structure than most of us would have thought physically possible, all with Accorsi’s beloved drone. Hardly a denouement, Mythic Image have made this EP’s apotheosis a windup and a wind-down at the same time.

As a potential score for the media end of days, Infocalypse is everything one could and would expect from the meeting of musical minds that is Mythic Image. Cohesive with a rich tonal theme, this EP also has loads of surprises to keep the listener guessing and the bass faces scrunching. If Infocalypse is any indication of what’s to come, legend status will not be too far away for this duo.

Infocalypse is out now on Beatport and Spotify exclusive.