Celebrating 10 years of his genre-defying project, the explorative NastyNasty flexed his creative muscles with two thick tracks,“Loner” and “Starcrossing,” on February 14. And our love for these tracks has only grown fonder since they swept us away with it on Valentine’s Day. 

The first cut, “Loner,” sets the stage with tight pops and a sweeping synth that quickly dives into two fighting bass frequencies. You’ll be pulled back and forth as the swaying low-end alternates between tightening its vise grip and then releasing the tension. On top of the ear-rattling sludge, swimming candy-like vocals offer a hopeful tone. “Loner” pays respect to old-school sounds, yet has a feel ahead of its time. The track draws elements from several other genres, but refuses to commit to just one. 

Contrasting to the aforementioned track, NastyNasty’s second offering, “Starcrossing,” lays the ground for a monstrous drop with an ominous hint of bass. The cold atmosphere bleeds into a liquid, metallic bass that’ll straight-up defile your ears. The second drop will obliterate you with its high flutters slicing through the air like angry wasps while the su- frequencies thud. Glitchy accents interjected throughout the track create the sense that the simulation is malfunctioning. It’s unbelievable that NastyNasty was able to wrangle the beast of sound he created. 

NastyNasty has stated that “these songs show that not only have I kept that spark intact, I’ve also grown exponentially in the finesse department.” The artist’s sound undoubtedly continues to evolve, which he has made irrefutable via this double-sided single. Here’s to another 10 years of nastiness from NastyNasty.

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