From humble beginnings in 2012, the Los Angeles-based record label known as Firepower Records has climbed the tiers of bass music and been known to bring the heat with each and every release. With a back catalog and future vision that builds on their status as pioneers in the community, the imprint continues to serve as a respected platform for solidified artists and up-and-comers alike. The 10th iteration of their notorious Flatline series is no different, as they get back to their roots and serve up a spicy compilation with some of the labels most infamous producers for the monumental, Flatline X.

While the compilation project features an insane amount of heavy hitters, it should come as no surprise that the talented Nato Feelz stands out with his unmatched technical approach on “System Error” that we’re premiering below.His background as a soundscape designer in the film industry really shines through as he opens up the track with a euphoric soundscape that entices from the start. Don’t be fooled by the captivating draw, “System Error” has some surprising twists and turns, leaving little room for you to get comfortable. Just when you settle into the groove, things turn to a glitch heavy bass tune with a breakdown that’s not for the faint of heart. Closing out the track in style, Nato Feelz brings the energy with the final drop that’s sure to hit you to your core.

Flatline X hits the streets this Friday, so make sure you lock in your copy here!