The Pakistani-American known as NAZAAR delivers yet another scorcher of a tune on “WITH U.” A blend of vocal trap and melodic dubstep, the tune feels like the perfect evolution of his previous work on Never Say Die, Space Yacht, and Bassrush Records.

As he tells it, the tune starts way back in 2020 at a beach in Santa Monica at 2AM. NAZAAR started writing “WITH U” at a self-described low point in his life: “In February of 2020 I was in Los Angeles, trying to find my purpose within dance music. On one of these days during the trip, I found myself at Santa Monica beach at 2:00 AM with my laptop and headphones, recording the sounds of the beach. It was during that impromptu studio session that I started writing ‘WITH U.’ In that moment I felt so lost, not sure where I belonged, but writing music helped this confusion all go away. ‘WITH U’ is a story about how feeling lost is a beautiful thing and how chasing the feeling of being yourself will always feel better than anything else. If it wasn’t for a calm night on the beach, I would’ve never realized that I could be whatever I wanted to become and do whatever I wanted to do.”

The contrasting light and dark elements surface in the push and pull of the melancholy atmospheres the cut is drenched in, while never forgetting to hit where it hurts on the dancefloor with filthy razor-tipped synths and earth-quaking bass.

Don’t just take our word for it, check the sizzling cut below and be sure to lock in your own copy of “WITH U” here.