Rocketing to center stage seemingly out of nowhere, the Arab-Pakistani artist known as Nazaar has quickly secured a spot as one of the hottest talents to emerge in the past year. Based out of El Paso, Texas, the 19-year-old artist has dropped jaws on projects as wide-ranging as his debut EP on NSD: Black Label to his official remix for the Chainsmokers on Columbia Records all the way to his more recent collaborative pairing with Carnage.

Throughout it all, the genre-blurring artist pays homage to his love of aggressive synths and rib-rattling bass, no matter is it’s on the dubstep, trap, or riddim tip. His sound design is impeccable and while that only is enough to set him in a class all his own, it’s the unique way he combines Arab-influenced melodies with dark and heavy bass that’s catching the ears of fans and heads like Excision and Alison Wonderland alike.

Flash-forward to the present and Nazaar is unleashing the aptly titled “Jinn” on the masses. A whirlwind ride through the genre-blurring mind of the artist, the tune is everything we’ve come to expect as a heavyweight dose of filth battles it out with euphoria-inducing moments designed to bring the dancefloor to the breaking point.

We’re more than stoked to be able to be hosting the premiere of this one as Nazaar is set to continue his meteoric rise in the coming year. Check the heat below and be sure to lock yours in here.