Two of North America’s finest team up for a monstrous chest-thumper in the form of “Muck.” Drawing from both producers’ well-honed sounds, the dank and dirty flex of NC-17 merges seamlessly with Replicant’s filthy jump-up sucker-punch.

Released as part of Ram Records’ freshly minted Riot EP series, the compilation features familiar and fresh names alike as the series is designed to “bring the label’s club records to life.” From Sound in Noise to Jam Thieves and Prestige, the EP is a heavyweight testament to the level of talent that is bubbling up across the globe. Still, it’s this bass-face inducing “Muck” cut from NC-17 and Replicant that kicks in the doors and takes no prisoners.

If the Riot EP is centered on a glimpse at the future of the label and drum and bass as a whole, then “Muck” is the perfect jaw-dropping introduction to this new world. This one drops tomorrow ┬ávia Ram Records so prepare for war by locking yours in here.