Need For Mirrors “Arp Tune”
Need For Mirrors “Arp Tune”

Fresh off the success of his Royal Blood EP on Ram’s sister imprint, Program, Need For Mirrors steps up to the mothership with his first full debut release.

Pushing the orchestral cinematic fervor of his previous releases into uncharged territory, Need For Mirrors flexes with a pair of cuts designed to showcase his production prowess as well as his inimitable and ever-impressive vision. From the crisp mind-bender known as “Reverie” to the arpeggiated masterpiece known as “Arp Tune” that we’re featuring below, Need For Mirrors lives up to the occasion by turning in some of his best work to date.

“’Arp Tune’ was spawned from my love of techno,” the London-based producer says. “I wanted to have a tune in my bag that bridged the gap from club to the big room stadium anthems, but was understated. ‘Reverie’ was influenced by old ‘Sincere’-era MJ Cole and garage. I’m a sucker for that feeling in the string arrangement! As the track progressed it started to feel more euphoric; the arp that comes in later in this tune reminded me of Origin Unknown’s ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ in a very odd way. Nostalgia!”

Bridging the old and the new is what Need For Mirrors does best, and as we premiere “Arp Tune” below we can’t help but marvel at the intricate interplay of elements and the way that subtle details combine to create an epic soundscape that could easily function as a driving force in a cinematic milieu as well as the dancefloor.

With the release due on March 8 via Ram Records, be sure to dive head first into the beats below.