As most heads know by now, Neosignal has been celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with four months of remixes from the imprint’s classic back catalog, known as X. Parts one and two have already seen some remixes turn into classics themselves like with Joe Ford’s version of “ENERGIE,” while other original tracks have been flipped entirely on their ear like the absolutely mad halftime version of “Sex Sells” by Phace himself and Affe Maria. It’s been a wild ride with X and it’s not over yet.

Without giving too much away, X Part III will feature remixes by Proxima, Black Sun Empire and Subtension. There also may or may not be the only new original track on the whole series contained therein. If that weren’t enough, Bassrush has the exclusive premiere of the “Progression” remix, one of Phace & Misanthrop’s crazy collabs, by Synergy and Signal. Buckle up.

The original “Progression” was way ahead of its time when it released in 2012, turning neurofunk and hard drum & bass sideways with the way the synths and drum patterns were juxtaposed against each other. It was split into sections, with the intro being a beat structure on its own that’s even harder to beatmatch or mix than the main beat.

The afore-mentioned main beat is a short section before the track devolves into total experimental chaos. It ends with the main beat picking up after the near death-defying break but by that time the listener is so gobsmacked they may not have even noticed. The stems on this one must have been a beast to remix but if anyone’s up to the task it’s Synergy and Signal.

Signal, of course, is known for his own tricky beat patterns while both he and Synergy have an almost preternatural ability to create some of the cleanest sound design D&B has ever known, so it was a perfect match-up for “Progression.” While they reformed the track into more of a conventional dancefloor roller, it keeps the bones of the original by being steppy in the beat at the same time and by holding onto parts of that Mad Max Terrordome experimental breakdown.

Synergy and Signal also made some significant changes, however, by reversing the sine wave phrase transitions and dropping into a completely different structure after the break. It’s still two songs in one like the original but said songs are not humming the same tune.

While fans will have to keep guessing at the rest of X Part III for now, there’s plenty to unpack with “Progression.” Synergy and Signal have made sure of that. With the experimental nature of this track, the way these collaborators reworked the remix really shows not only the “Progression” of Neosignal but of D&B as a whole.

Neosignal’s X Part IIIis out on June 26. Stay tuned to the label’s website for purchase links.