Noisia Twist Skulls Once Again
Noisia Twist Skulls Once Again

As they continue celebrating ten years of Vision Recordings, the triple-headed beast known as Noisia delivers a jaw-dropping EP in the form of four blistering tunes sure to go down as future classics.

Haunting cinematics form the core of each bit, with “Banshee” clocking in as the most otherworldly and atmospheric. Bringing on the goosebumps with an epic intro before dumping into the kick and pull of the tune proper, this is a favorite if only for the way it reflects a deeper and more intimate side of the crew.

Of course, those seeking the signature head-twist that Noisia is known for are not to be disappointed, as the technoid pummeling of the title track paves the way for two massive collaborations with fellow space cadets Mefjus and Hybris on the strychnine-laced “Clusterfunk” and the long-awaited shape-shifting “Reptilians.”

The EP is yet another inspiring outing from the ever-essential trio, and continues pushing the boundaries of what the neurofunk subgenre can do and be. This one touches down on April 20, so queue up for yours now!

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