NVRSOFT “Atonement”
NVRSOFT “Atonement”

It’s been six months since DC-based NVRSOFT signed her debut Premonitions EP to Audioporn. The ambient, trippy, liquid-inspired release got the newcomer charted on Beatport and showcased her unique skills with the mixdown. Most importantly, Audioporn label boss Shimon decided it needed a follow up. Enter: Hero’s Journey, due out tomorrow, October 4.

NVRSOFT’s sophomore EP is once again heavy on the liquid but it seems there’s been more of a conscious nod to old school deep liquid flavor, with echoey vocal samples and ambient piano sounds in tracks like “Temptation” and “The Call.” The overall vibe of Hero’s Journey is also a bit brighter and tighter, as it were, in both the snares and the melodies than its predecessor. It shows improvement in NVRSOFT’s production but also an evolution of style. That same evolution is present in the surprise closing track: a halftime homage to wave synths and triplet snares called “The Unknown.”

With the release date of the Hero’s Journey just around the corner, Bassrush has managed to secure a preview of the EP’s opening track, “Atonement.” This track is probably the most classically liquid on the whole release, with an orchestrally-composed, melodic opening leading into and easy drop and a clean and simple beat. The orchestral harmony continues throughout the track with a leading piano melody, strings harmonizing and a secondary sort of spacey synth at the phrase transitions which really binds all the elements of the tune together. “Atonement” is clean, musical and ambient all at the same time.

NVRSOFT has signed exclusively to Audioporn and it’s likely the best place for the budding artist as Shimon and company have put a lot of effort into making the label as diverse as possible so none of their artists feel pressure to conform to a certain style or even subgenre of sound. This will give NVRSOFT as much room to grow and explore as possible and if Hero’s Journey is any indication, she’ll be doing quite a bit of both.

Hero’s Journey will be out tomorrow, October 4 on Audioporn Records. Pre-order on Beatport.